How the fabric is made

How Japanese crepe cotton is made.

Yamashiro’s fabrics are filled with the knowledge and wisdom of willow fabrics cultivated over the 70 years since its founding.

Thread selection process ( Image No.1 or No.2 )

Image No.1
Image No.2

It is very important to select a thread that is comfortable to wear and feels good on the skin.

Yamashiro’s fabrics use only combed yarn or higher, aiming for fabrics that please delicate skins, as it varies depending on the combination of cotton and hemp yarn counts, as well as the production area and grade.

Twisted thread that creates elasticity ( Image No.3 )

Image No.3

The spun yarn is twisted to prevent it from crumbling and breaking . By adding a twist to this thread, it changes to a “twisted thread” that stretches. ( Usually about 1,000 turns ) Using this thread for the weft when weaving the fabric, it makes the fabric elastic.

A knitting like soft and stretchable fabric is made possible by using “twisted thread” that has been spun 1,500 to 2,000 times to create a true relaxation feel.

Weave that changes with warp density ( Image No.4 or No.5 )

Image No.4
Image No.5

By arranging many warp threads, they’ll get weaved into a high-density fabric.

The biggest feature is that the thread that is twisted at high speed as mentioned earlier is inserted into the weft thread. To prevent the twisted threads from shrinking, the warp threads are woven with starch.

Bleaching the birth of cotton shrinkage ( Image No.6 or No.7 )

Image No.6
Image No.7

Bleaching is the work of shrinking the fabric woven with starch at once.

The fabric is passed through hot water, and the starch on the warp melts, causing the weft to shrink. When the fabric is shrunk, unevenness is created, it doesn’t only reduce the touching surface, but also makes it breathable and quick drying. The creation of the fabric that makes you feel like you’re wrapped in the wind is complete.

Seeking new challenges ( Image No.8 )

Image No.8

At Yamashiro, we are constantly developing and researching  for fabrics that are stress-free and suitable for all living style; Cooling fabrics in the warm wether such as hemp fabrics, thick count fabrics that are gentle on the skin even in winter, and etc.