About Yamashiro

Yamashiro Co., Ltd. is a sewing company with a history of more than 70 years that mainly produces staples.

Yamashiro’s commitment

Stick to made in Japan

Most of our sewing is done in Japan.

We believe that Japanese-made products have great strength in terms of attention to detail and durability, not to mention the fine techniques unique to the Japanese. Even though we understand in our minds that outsourcing sewing overseas can lead to cost reductions, etc., we do not believe that this is right. This is also Yamashiro’s commitment.

While we also take into consideration the world situation, the economy, and the global environment, what is important is based on Yamashiro’s belief that we were born as a sewing company.

We hope that you will experience the excellence that is made in Japan.

Be particular about fabrics

The fabrics we carry at Yamashiro are all fabrics that have been cherished by the Japanese people since ancient times.

Long before the development of air conditioners and heaters, Japanese people sought comfort and regulation of body temperature through what they wore. In particular, stetseko fabrics, which were created to make the summer heat as comfortable and pleasant as possible, are full of well-thought-out technology and consideration for the wearer.

If Yamashiro were to stop handling them now, some of these fabrics might disappear from this world. We cherish the thought that if we can play even a small role in Japanese culture….

Be particular about dyeing

Dyeing techniques are also ancient Japanese.

Yamashiro is particular about dyeing in order to protect the technical skills and spirit of the dyeing craftsmen, who do not allow any compromise, down to the smallest detail.

For example, there are dozens of different colors of “red” that can be produced in great detail. We attach ancient Japanese names to the “reds” produced by our craftsmen, and place great importance on delivering “reds” that can only be created here.

Aiming for comfortable clothing

Yamashiro was born in hot and humid Kyoto.

In the history of Yamashiro, which began with the production of pants, we have made no compromises in all aspects, from fabric selection to sewing, in order to make our products as comfortable as possible for everyone who wears them. We want you to feel the breeze in the sticky summer. We want you to spend your time as comfortably as possible. We spare no effort in our daily efforts to make you feel the comfort that only 100% cotton can provide. Yamashiro’s challenge continues today for those who have weak skin and are uncomfortable with synthetic fibers to experience the charm and peace of mind of cotton with their entire bodies.

History of Yamashiro


The company started as a sewing factory where the first president was commissioned to sew woven fabric products.
At that time, the company sewed embroidery, cutter shirts, leather wear, etc., instead of sewing staples.


The first president focused on this fabric and changed the business to sewing underwear.
This led to the present-day Kyoto Yamashiro. With the rapid economic growth and the spread of pants and other underwear, orders for cotton crepe underwear gradually increased.


Yamashiro Sewing Works, which had been a small, small town until then, changed its name. Yamashiro Corporation was born. (10/22)


Ltd. (then Takemura Shoten) suggested that the Kyoto Plant be relocated to Kunito-gun (now Kunisakishi-shi), Oita Prefecture, where there was a large labor force, and the current Kunisaki-plant began operations.


Musashi Plant started operation as the second plant in the town adjacent to Kunisaki Plant.


The third generation launched the "Yamashiro" brand of products made from willow fabric. The first in-house product that is not underwear is a T-shirt made of Kyo-Chijimi, a fabric originally developed by the company, in 10 colors (currently available in 7 colors). (Currently, seven colors are available.) The company also registered a trademark.


Renovated the Kyoto headquarters and opened a small store selling original products. The store receives a lot of media coverage. Also began exhibiting at major department stores.


Launched online store and started mail order division. Strengthened W-name and collaboration with various brands. Established a subcontracting system for fabric proposals, design proposals, OEM, etc., utilizing the knowledge of Pleats fabrics.


Exhibitions at famous department stores nationwide accelerate.
Increased the number of wholesalers to a limited number and started EMS shipping to the world.


Expanded from three to thirteen colors of the Pleats cotton chijimi scarf, which makes the most of the unevenness and texture of the Pleats fabric. Many media introduced the brand after a radio appearance.
The brand name was changed from "Yamashiro" to "Kyoto Chijimi-ori Yamashiro" (Kyoto shrink-woven fabric). The company embarked on the development of items using its own unique chijimi fabric, and registered its trademark.


The popularity of steteco, which had previously been associated only with fathers (dads), was improved with cute pop patterns, and steteco became a boom, with steteco being introduced on numerous TV, radio, and magazine programs.


An unprecedented boom in the popularity of steteco-style pants has arrived. Few manufacturers offer steteco, and awareness grows that Yamashiro of Kyoto is known for its high-end steteco.


Participated in the Gift Show at Tokyo Big Sight and Project KYOTO (Kyoto Commerce and Industry Association). Expanded business with many wholesalers, OEMs, and companies.


Selected as one of the "96 Creative Industry Model Companies", an award given to companies that strive for creative cultural innovation in Kyoto City. Expanded collaboration with famous companies in Kyoto.


Expand the number of limited openings in department stores from 6 (6 weeks) to 13 (13 weeks) per year. Further expand recognition through collaboration with mail order companies utilizing the Postal Service’s sales channels.


Selected as one of the "Discover KANSAI" sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of the 10 products that can be sent from Kansai to the world.


Started to carry Yamashiro men’s innerwear at Isetan Mitsukoshi stores nationwide.


Selected as one of the "WONDER 500" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Crepe underwear also started to be sold at Isetan Mitsukoshi stores.


Received "OMOTENASHI Selection Special Award".
Participated in an overseas exhibition in Paris organized by Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Kyo-Chijimi receives the "OMOTENASHI Selection Special Award" for the second consecutive year.
Kyo-Chijimi was adopted by a major brand.


Web store is fully renewed. Column distribution as reading material is also started.

From the Third Generation to You

Yamashiro was a small sewing company in the beginning, and we are grateful to our loyal customers and the many companies that have supported us for the fact that we have been able to operate our business with a single focus on steteco.

In the past, steteco were a necessity for daily wear. However, as times have changed, the demand for steteco has declined, and changes brought about by low-cost products using overseas labor have come to Yamashiro as well.
It was precisely at this time of change that I, as the third generation, began helping out at the company.
When I was a child, the sight of my grandfather and grandmother meticulously sewing from a single button still remains in my mind.
In the beginning, I had my hands full with various anxieties and dreams, but what I vowed to cherish the most was to deliver the coolness and pleasant feel that "Pleats fabric" brings.

While steteco are still Yamashiro’s main product, we have created various products to convey the excellence of Pleats fabric with the characteristics of Pleats fabric (Yo-ryu) and the knowledge Yamashiro has inherited over the years.

The "pique" born from these efforts is truly the fruit of Yamashiro’s technology and knowledge.

Yamashiro’s new challenges have been fraught with failure and hesitation.
Nevertheless, we will continue to listen to our customers and create what they truly need.

The story of Yamashiro, which began as a small sewing factory, will continue.

We are committed to preserving the Japanese willow fabrics we handle for future generations.
We are a small company, which is why we are able to propose products with a small turnaround time.
To bring our fashionable willow fabric products to the world.

We are still a small and ignorant company, but we will devote ourselves to our business with a hot and bitter spirit and send our products to the world.
We hope that as many people as possible will be able to experience the charm of Pleats fabric, a fabric born from the climate of Japan.

We look forward to your enthusiastic support.

株式会社山城 3代目 稗 真平

Yamashiro Co., ltd.
Shimpei HIE 3rd generation

Company Profile

Company NameYamashiro Co., ltd.
RepresentativeShimpei Hie
EstablishedOctober 22, 1965 (since 1950)
LocationHead office
539 Asakura-cho, Sanjo-sagaru, Tominokoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 604-8074
TEL:+81-75-221-4456 FAX:+81-75-221-4506

Kunisaki Factory
4290 Hama, Kunisaki-cho, Kunito-shi, Oita, Japan 872-1651 

Musashi Factory
1200 Furuichi, Musashi-machi, Kunisaki-shi, Oita, Japan 873-0412
https://yamashiro.biz/(Online Store)
Company business hours9:00~18:00/Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Store hours11:00~18:00/Closed on Wednesdays
*Closed from December to February.

Online orders are accepted 24 hours a day.
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